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Our mission: To provide information and critique,
and to facilitate the art of all forms of written expression.

CCWC wishes to thank the sponsors of our 2013 Collegiate Creative Writing Competition.
Their support of promising writers at UWG is appreciated.
John Bell and Vabella Publishing;
Underground Books;
La Trattoria;
Little Hawaiian;
Sunnyside Café;
and the Maple Street Diner.

A few of our fine members!

From Our Founder:
"In November, 2005, Penny Lewis at the Carrollton Creative Arts Center asked if I would start a writers club to meet at the Center. Shortly afterward my friend, Beverly Bruemmer, made the same request. Feeling that was a mandate, or at least validation, I opened up to the idea, Penny advertised the club, and the Carrollton Creative Writers' Club was born.

With excellent programming, no elected officers and many gifted writers, our membership now numbers more than 30, five of whom have had books published within the past year.

It isn't unusual for people in Carrollton to drive in to Atlanta for meetings, but for people from Atlanta to drive to Carrollton for these meetings says it all. This is an entity whose time has come."

Mary Saxon Wilburn, Founder
NOTE: Picture from Mary's farewell party before she headed to Sunny Florida. We hope she visits us often!

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CCWC Recognizes Spencer Crawford!

Spencer Crawford was awarded a certificate
of appreciation from CCWC for his
continued support of local
writers in the Villa Rican
where he is writer and editor.
Pictured: Dawn Perry, Frank Allan Rogers Eugene Franckowiak, Dee Dee Murphy, Susan Macdonald, Swanee Ballman, Chuck Wanager, Bob Covel, Zan Marie Steadham, Richard Anderson, Eleanor Wolfe Hoomes, Shelly Murphy, Spencer Crawford, Jay Michael Jones Nina Beverly Wills Smith, Maxine Wright, Laura Wood Kirk, Beverly Bruemmer, T.L. Gray, Joan Sammie Rodgers Bulach, Paul Blaum Clete Bulach, Tom Cook (Photo: Phoebe Swatek)

Lauretta Hannon's
"Down Home Writing Workshop"
with CCWC Members
April 7, 2010

Thoughts on writing:

Pulitzer Prize winning author ELLEN GLASGLOW, in the preface of one of her books, shared her thoughts on writing novels. Her technique was to write the ending first -- the opening sentence and the last sentence before anything else. The characters well formed in her head before she began writing, it normally took her two years to finish a first draft and another year to revise. She believed the author was the best person to judge a book, and that every good book breaks the "conventions." "The true novel," she wrote, "is like pure poetry, an act of birth, not a device or an invention. It awaits its own time and has its own way to be born, and it cannot, by scientific methods, be pushed into the world from behind. After it is born, a separate individual, an organic structure, it obeys its own vital impulses. The heart quickens; the blood circulates, the pulses beat; the whole body moves in response to some inward rhythm; and in time the expanding vitatlity attains its full statue. But, until the breath of life enters a novel, it is as spiritless as inanimate matter." She went on to write how one should first master thouroughly the techniques of writing, and then dismiss them into the labyrinth of memory. "Leave it there to make its own signals and flash its own warnings." When one feels that "this isn't right" or "something ought to be different" is proof that the signals are working. "Or, perhaps," she wrote, "this inner voice may be only the sounder instinct of the born novelist."


Looking for hardworking writers
who share your passion?

Then you've come to the "write" place!

Our members are all about supporting
writers of all genres and at all levels of
skill & accomplishment.

Please browse our website, attend
a meeting... contact us if we can
answer any questions.

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The Writers Club

Sent by the Universe just to see
What kind of people speak with pens,
Privately I wondered, would I fit?
Should I laugh a little less brightly?

Observing and absorbing seemed the safest behavior.

I came from a place of searching.
Hoping to connect.
Wondering if other eyes see what mine see.

I took a big step in heavy shoes…and found Oz.

Faces flooded the room
The artist, the joker, the cynic
And then they began to ooze realness
too fat to phone
Beautiful children surfaced gently
In smile, words and sighs
My body said “Yes” silently, loudly.
There are others and they are close.
Thank you for two hours of glue to hold my week together.

People of the pen gather to give their specialness voice.
Sing their real song.
It's more than writing,
Writers gather to right themselves.

--Donna Spivey


Jim Dunham

Fast draw and film scripts. That's what Jim Dunham recently brought to our CCWC group for a most entertaining presentation. In 1967 he was hired by 20th Century Fox Film Corporation in Hollywood. During the next few decades Jim would teach gun tricks and fast draw to movie actors, speak at conventions, work as a performer in the Chuckwagon Supper Show business,appear as a guest on national TV talk shows and perform at the Winter Olympics. Currently he can be seen as a Western historian on 4 episodes of the series “Tales of the Gun” on the History Channel, and on the 2010 season of PBS TV’s “The American Experience: Wyatt Earp.” The 2010 issue of True West magazine’s “Best of the West” Source Book recently honored Dunham as the “Best Living Single Action Shooter.” Dunham is employed as the Director of Special Projects and Historian for the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, GA.

Elisa Bowman

Elisa Dimitria Bowman shared her
professional knowledge about
and experience with “all things film!”
It was an inspiring and
enlightening program that included
information on movie production,
product placement, script writing
and submission.

Robyn Hood Black

Robyn Hood Black was our energetic
and informative speaker the first
meeting in March 2010. Black is the
author of WOLVES, a nonfiction,
interactive book from Intervisual Books,
and SIR MIKE, a rhyming Rookie Reader from
Scholastic's Children's Press. Her poetry
has appeared in Hopscotch for Girls and will
soon appear in Spider. Her fiction has been
purchased by Highlights.

Spencer Crawford

January 2010 speaker, Spencer Crawford, got
CCWC off to a great start for the new year.
Spencer is an avid supporter of local writers and has
featured them often in the Villa Rican
where he is writer and editor.

Lauretta Hannon

October's guest speaker was Lauretta Hannon,
the Cracker Queen, best-selling author and
NPR commentator. Lauretta is a vivacious,
joyous speaker who clearly loves writing.
Willing to share her knowledge about the
publishing business,
she also teaches seminars titled
“The Down Home Writing School.”
Hannon's book is titled:
The Cracker Queen,
a Memoir of a Jagged, Joyful Life.

Sandra Novack

May 26, our guest speaker was Sandra Novack,
author of "Precious," the novel recently released by Random House. After showing us a peek into her process, Sandra led us in a great discussion of the varieties of writing processes and how they differ from one author to another.

Fran Stewart

Fran Stewart is the author
of the Biscuit McKee Mystery Series
as well as a children's book and a
manual on writing. She also interviews
authors on her weekly radio show.
She lives & writes quietly
in her house beside a creek
on the backside
of Hog Mountain, Georgia.


Award-winning author
& playwright
(pictured left with
CCWC member
Claire Baker)
Rosen spoke at our first
meeting of 2009,
discussing her new book

Click for more on the book!

A sampling of other speakers over the years:

Patty Sprinkle        Diane Z. Shore        Maria Boling

HORTON'S: Georgia's Oldest Bookstore & Supporter of CCWC!

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1) Call 770-832-1161. (Recreation Department). Tell the desk you want to register or pay dues online for Carrollton Creative Writers Club membership and need a pin number.
2) Once you have the pin number, go to:
3) On the home page, click on "REGISTER ONLINE."
4) When that page loads, click on the "ACTIVITIES" tab.
5) On the "Activities" page, click on "ADULT."
6) Use drop-down box click "LITERARY ARTS."
7) Find "Single" or "Family" heading and click on it.
8) On the Log In Page, enter the user name and pin number you were given and follow the prompts to make payment.
10) If you have problems, call the Arts Center, 770-838-1083 and
ask for Barbara.
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